Are you spending too much time putting out fires?  Are you trying to manage your day-to-day cash flow as opposed to focusing on long term strategic growth?  Are your vendors knocking at your door or refusing to ship product?  Is the bank threatening to call your loan?

Bankruptcy is not your only option.

Businesses facing financial difficulties and distressed operational situations often have options available to them.  Campbell, Saunders Ltd. understands that companies and business owners need to know all of their options as soon as possible.  We can help develop a formal or informal restructuring and turnaround plan if action is taken early enough.  When restructuring may not be possible, we can help clarify the options available to you and the impact on all stakeholders.

The Licensed Insolvency Trustees (“LIT”) at Campbell, Saunders Ltd. have assisted struggling companies across a variety of industries.  We have successfully restructured many of their operations for continued viability and long-term success.  We provide advice and support to distressed companies and their stakeholders that include formal engagements under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, or other legislation involving an appointment of a Monitor, Trustee or Consultant.  The involvement of an LIT, as an officer of the Court, adds transparency and credibility to the process.

Campbell, Saunders Ltd. also advises secured and unsecured creditors in distressed situations and provides advice that will assist these creditors in maximizing recoveries.  We offer creative and effective solutions to stakeholders to resolve their financial problems.

Our services and types of engagements include the following:

  • Instrument appointed Receiver or Receiver Manager
  • Court appointed Receiver or Receiver Manager
  • Interim Receiver
  • Trustee in Bankruptcy
  • Monitor under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act
  • Monitor under a Division 1 Proposal (Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act)
  • Investigating intercompany transactions and potential fraudulent conveyances
  • Evaluating operations and assessing business and cash flow plans